5 Things to Consider when Buying a Shower Head

Buying a Showerhead can become a little confusing as you start browsing at the various different available designs and types of showerheads.

This is why we have created this article to help you out in the process of choosing the perfect showerhead for yourself.

Here are a few top things that you should consider when buying a showerhead for your bathroom:

1. Adequate Water Pressure

The first thing to consider when buying a shower head is to test for the water pressure in the showerheads. Make sure that you don’t buy a showerhead which offers low pressure because otherwise, it would take you longer to bathe and rinse yourself.

If you go for a higher water pressure, then you would need to select a showerhead which comes with a higher gallon per minute or has a removable flow restrictor.

2. Showerhead surface area

Another important thing to consider is the size of the showerhead. If you buy a large showerhead then it could affect the water pressure of your shower.

Shower Head Surface Area

This is why it is advisable that you select a showerhead which is 8-inches or smaller in size as it would ensure that you have an adequate amount of water pressure to use. Also, large showerheads result in increased water wastage which is not an ideal scenario when using a shower.

3. Flexibility and Comfort

Another important thing to consider is your comfort. If you are a short person then a top mount showerhead might be difficult to manage as you cannot adjust it easily but if you are a tall person then you might not be comfortable with the low top mount showerhead too.

Handheld showerheads are usually ideal for most users as they are flexible and the long rubber hose allows you to cover a large area to clean. If you love relaxing while taking a bath, then a bath sprayer or a massage showerhead will be more suitable as it would provide your body with the adequate water pressure and pattern.

4. Budget

An important factor to consider when buying a showerhead is your budget. You will find different types of showerheads available in different price ranges so you can decide your budget and then search for a good showerhead in your budget.

If you want the lowest budget showerhead, then a fixed showerhead is the best product for you but if you want a little more luxury and comfort, then a handheld, rain or spray showerheads would be more suitable.

5. Easy to clean

Another thing to consider when selecting a showerhead is the ease of cleaning. Your showerheads and shower walls get dirty quite easily due to the soap scrub and mildew and if you don’t have a lot of time on hand to clean it daily, then you would end up with a smelly and dirty bathroom.

In such cases, a handheld showerhead is quite useful as you can rinse your showerhead and walls easily with it. That will be both quick and effortless. Still, have doubts, just ping me and ask all your queries.