In the kitchen, we will always face the problem that solid food needs to be separated from the liquid. (imagine noodle and soup).

Usually, using general funnel will make food remain in the mesh and also it is not convenient to pour out the liquid carefully.

At Chao Chen Design, I aimed at developing a product to make filtering more comfortable with only one hand.


Silica gel is safe, green and easy to clean.

Physically, it is flexible and can stand the temperature from -60 to 300 ℃.


1  Bend the food filter to fit in the food container.

(Owing to the elasticity of silica gel, this filter is applicable to different kinds of containers and can be firmly embedded on the edge.)


2 Pour out the liquid, then the solid food will be stopped by the meshes.

3 Food filter can be produced with various specifications of the hole size to
fulfill the requirement further.

4 After bending, this part is used to guide the flow.

5 The flexible silica gel can grab the container wall tightly to keep the filter in
position while pouring.