When I traveled to North China (Ningxia, Inner Mongolian, and Dongbei), I was totally amazed by the northern landscapes and the freezing weather. Animated by the defoliation and frigid environment, I wanted to design a lamp to record the experience and bring the warmth to people in the north. So I utilized pipal leaves and developed a leaf lamp which transformed the fallen leaves into a warm lamp.

Countless leaves were colored into gold by the afterglow. In such a freezing day, I can still feel the warmth from that. I chose fallen leaves as raw materials and light as the media to show the beauty of nature in northern China.

RAW MATERIAL | Pipal Leaves

Pipal leaves have the plump tissue, regular shape, and clear veins.

The scenery in the north is completely different with those in the south. First time there,

I was immersed in the boundless sky, flying leaves and the magnificent sunset.


6 The light transmittance test of the lampshade.

5 The leaves were pasted based on the mold, a balloon;

4 The basic triangle was integrated with each other to form the area of lampshade;

3 Three leaves were connected together with white latex to make the basic triangle;

2 A thin layer of white latex was applied evenly on the veins and dried in the shade to enhance their toughness and strength;

1 The pipal leaves were boiled in 10% sodium hydroxide solution for 15 minutes and washed with water to remove the mesophylls tissue, leaving the veins;


The laminated leaves generate a gradual change from bright to dark. The warm lighting gently emitted from the lamp is as beautiful as the afterglow.

If you have any doubt regarding the process feel free to contact me.