Chinese people have a long history of enjoying tea with Zisha tea-sets. Chao Chen Design has tried to take this tradition to the very next level.

I designed the tea-set with both traditional tea culture and modern aesthetics.

1 Teapot to make tea with boiling water

2 Serving cup to transfer tea into small cups

3 Tea tray to place tea leaves

4 Teaspoon to take out the leaves from the storage can

5 Teacup for each customer

1 The spout bends down slightly to ensure the quick stop when user stops pouring tea;

2 The elegant curve goes along the teapot;

3 The plump belly allows the dry leaves to uncurl in the hot water perfectly, which stimulates the taste and flavor;

4 The triangular shape prevents the lid getting too hot to pick up;

5 The handle has comfortable size, fitting 2-3 fingers.


1 The wide opening makes it easy when pouring boiling water from the teapot;

2 The serving pot has the same volume with the teapot; It is used for calming the taste and flavor evenly;

3 The handle has the best size for fitting 2-3 fingers like one of the teapots;

4 Customers can hold the extended handle to smell the tea when the tea is hot;

5 The big opening helps the diffusion of the flavor.